Script Reels/TikTok With ChatGPT in just 5 minutes

STEP 1: Generating 30 Titles

Go to Put in this prompt:

"Create 30 video topics that [target client] wants to learn [goals and/or painpoints]."

for example: “Create 30 video topics that female entrepreneurs wants to learn on IG about how to create more video content effortlessly”

Step 2: Apply your expertise with bullet points

You can follow this 4 Step Video Framework: GHVQ

  1. Goal:

    • Define Your Audience's Learning Objectives

    • Determine the key takeaways you want your audience to gain.

  2. Hook:

    • Make it evoke emotions. Craft an irresistible opening that tugs at the heartstrings or piques curiosity.

    • Use power words. Utilize impactful and emotionally charged language to grab your viewers' attention.

  3. Value Points:

    • Meat of the content. Unleash your knowledge with a brain dump of valuable information.

    • Don't worry about organization at this stage; simply get your key points on paper.

  4. Quick Win and CTA:

    1. Empower and Engage Your Audience. Provide actionable advice (quick win) that viewers can apply right away.

    2. Encourage your audience to take the next step, whether it's visiting your website, subscribing, or exploring more content for added value.

Now, use ChatGPT to write out a script for you.

Script Generated by ChatGPT:

Select pieces you want to retain from your bullet points and pieces you want to get from ChatGPT.

Great thing about this is, most of the times ChatGPT will also be giving you editing notes too! You can pass of to your editors

Step 4: Customize to your brand voice

Check the script generated and make sure they're aligned to your brand and personality ✨

Finished Script
Watch this first!

Step 3: Generating The Script

Use this second prompt:

“Give me 100-200 words video script about this: [paste bullet points here]”

Full chatGPT prompt example:

This is the beauty about AI and ChatGPT. You can have messy notes with solid ideas, and he’ll turn it into solid script with minimal revisions required.

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